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The Guide of the Portuguese Geological and Mines Sites was developed with special concern for respecting accessibility criteria, according to the guidelines developed by the W3C.

To comply with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 155/2007 of 2nd October 2007, which establishes the guidelines for accessibility for citizens with special needs to Government websites and those of the public services and organisms of the central administration, the following method of action has been defined:

- Automatic evaluation using the tools Cynthia Says and TAW 3, as indicated by the working group created within the scope of the Council of Ministers Resolution no. 155/2007. The activation of page elements through the keyboard in different browsers, the inhibition of images and the comprehension of link texts out of context were also evaluated.

As an informative site, the required conformity is level A, in accordance with the results of the evaluations carried out.

In terms of navigability, this site is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

If you encounter any difficulties in accessing or navigating the site, please contact us at: acessibilidade@sg.min-economia.pt and let us know what you have encountered. For a better and faster resolution of the difficulties encountered, please identify the site and describe the problem in the e-mail.